Specialty cold brew for your brand

We would love to share our passion with you! 25GRAMS Cold Brew Coffee produces high-quality cold brew coffee in bottles - durable, practical and ready to drink. We supply coffee roasters, coffee shops, bars and restaurants for coffee lovers throughout all Europe.


Our advantages over conventional cold brews:

Excellent quality, regardless of whether the cup profile is chocolatey, floral or fruity

Sustainable and transparent because we trace coffee beans back to their origin

Long-lasting and always available (at least 14 months), without having to prepare cold brew yourself every day. For this we use our unique pasteurization process.

The taste of your coffee remains untouched when your cold brew is pasteurized - even with light roasted specialty coffees and fruity coffee specialties.

Easy and practical to store and take with you to your customers

For us, specialty cold brew coffee is not a problem, but a passion

An incredible pleasure for every occasion, whether served as a single cold brew or as a cocktail

White labeling

Use one of our freshly brewed cold brew coffees, create a label with your brand and have your cold brew delivered directly and conveniently to your door.

Never worry about the durability and availability of your cold brew again.

Private production

You send your roasted coffee beans and we develop a recipe, brew the cold brew and send it back packaged!

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