Cold Brew Mixgetränke - Rezepte in der Übersicht

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks - Recipes at a Glance

The temperatures are slowly rising again - and hopefully will stay that way. Summer is slowly approaching. At these temperatures, we sometimes don't want to drink hot coffee. An alternative would be iced coffee...but even better would be a cold cold brew. This is the new in drink in America and is already well known in Europe.

Thanks to its high caffeine content, this little powerhouse provides a tasty energy boost in between meals. Of course, you can also easily make a tasty cold brew coffee yourself at home. You can get it even quicker from 25GRAMS .

Cold Brew mixed drinks - the handy version from 25GRAMS

If you want to make it really easy for yourself, just go to our online shop and choose the right cold brew. It comes to you in a glass bottle, already professionally extracted and has a longer shelf life than the homemade one. And did you know? Our cold brew coffee is also ideal as a base for a wide variety of cocktails, both with and without alcohol!

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks Recipes 25GRAMS Summer

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks - Pure

The simplest way to mix it is to serve the cold brew over ice cubes. You can garnish it with a slice of lemon or orange.

A little tip: if you would like twice the amount of caffeine, you can also make ice cubes from the cold brew concentrate. To do this, simply pour a little into the ice cube tray and put it in the freezer.

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks - Affogato

The second variant is the so-called vanilla brew, where we serve the cold brew on a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and if you like you can also add a small dash of milk. Perfect for all affogato fans out there - simply super tasty and creamy!

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks - Ginger Brew

Another option is to mix a ginger brew. For this you need ginger beer. Depending on your taste, we recommend mixing around 1/3 ginger beer and 2/3 cold brew in a glass with ice cubes, mint and lime.

Don't like ginger beer? Then just use tonic water instead! Take one part tonic and two parts cold brew, mix them and add a dash of agave syrup. You can also garnish this with a lemon slice or zest.

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks Ginger Brew 25GRAMS

Cold Brew Mixed Drinks - Fruit Mix

Are you the fruity and tangy type? Then we have another tip for you. The two types of fruit juice, passion fruit and grapefruit, are ideal for mixing with a portion of cold brew. Unlike the previous preparation, we recommend a 50% mixing ratio. So fruit juice and cold brew in equal parts.

Cold Brew mixed drinks - make your own cold brew

We don't want to hide from you the fact that you can also make cold brew yourself. Basically, one container is enough: a pot, a jug, something big enough for one or more liters of water plus ground coffee.
The following recipe applies here:

  • 100 - 150g coffee per liter of water (it's best to use your favorite coffee, perhaps from our friends Wildkaffee Rösterei )
  • Put the ground coffee in the container and pour cold water directly over it
  • Stir vigorously once and then cover with cling film and extract in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours
  • After extraction, pour the extracted coffee through a filter paper so that the ground coffee is filtered out of the cold brew coffee
  • Now just serve and enjoy as desired (neat, on ice or as a mixed drink)

Nevertheless, you should think carefully about it, because what you make might not taste as good as the professional's - that is, ours. And it can only be kept refrigerated for a few days. We recommend that you have a few bottles of 25GRAMS Cold Brew at home, which we have pasteurized and so they can be kept for more than a year.