We would love to share our passion with you! 25 GRAMS Cold Brew Coffee produces high-end bottled and ready to drink Cold Brew Coffee. We supply bars, restaurants, coffee shops and offices with healthy and delicious energy and ship to coffee lovers Europe-wide.

We offer competitive pricing, a personally tailored marketing campaign (e.g. point of sale promotion, social media appearance and PR) and consulting (e.g. drink recipe development) for wholesale clients.

Special Deal for your first wholesale order:

-10% on the first Cold Brew order
+a free promotion set (incl. Poster, Table Stands, Drink-Cards, Coffee-Cards and Stickers)
Stack of 25 Grams marketing material including stickers, business cards, and flyers

This is what you get with 25 GRAMS:

  • Handcrafted in Austria (artisanal coffee craftsmanship combined with state of the art professional machinery with aseptic bottle filling)
  • Specialty Coffee (only the best specialty coffee is used with cup scores of around 90!)
  • Limited Editions (small batch production, working together with different roasters across Europe to showcase the difference in taste, whether it’s due to variety, terroir, processing and/or roasting)
  • 100% Transparency (25GRAMS brings you the ultimate traceability; on each bottle, there is a link that shows you each step along the journey from bean2bottle)
  • Vegan, No Sugar, No Artificials (only the best coffee and pure water, that’s it, that’s all)

We offer glas bottles and a full nitro coffee system

Landscape of Gakuyu-ini washing station
200 ml bottles – 2 servings
3L Nitro-Keg with a 3L Bag in Box – 30 “cascading” servings

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Private Label & Private Production

Want your own coffee beans as a cold brew? We´ve got you covered! 25 GRAMS offers the unique possibility of private labeling/production of cold brew coffee. We offer different schemes of cooperation. From a full-blown private production batch (starting already at approx. 4,500 bottles) to different levels of cooperation. With the same high-end quality as our own cold brew: 12 month shelf life, just coffee and water, no artificial stuff added! We can choose coffee for you, or if you happen to run a roastery we can use your coffee. We fill glas bottles from 200ml up to 1.5 liters and also offer the possibility of BaginBox (e.g. 3L or 5L). If you want to offer “Nitro Cold Brew” to your customers we provide you with the suitable draft kit.

We supply numerous private production/label customers world-wide. Check out a few of them:

Bottles of Crno Zrno Cold Brew Coffee
Crno Zrno – Slovenia
Private Production
Bottles of Wildkaffee Cold Brew Coffeen
Wildkaffee – Germany
Private Production
Bottle of the renderers Cold Brew Coffee
The Renderers – Austria
Private Label
Bottle of Öfferl Cold Brew Coffee
Öfferl – Austria
Private Production
Bottle of Cold Fever Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Fever – Belgium
Private Label
Bottles of Tribeka Cold Brew Coffee
Tribeka – Austria
Private Production
Bottle of Naber Cold Brew Coffee
Naber – Austria
Private Production
Bottles of Picnic Cold Brew Coffeen
Picnic – Germany
Private Production
Bottle of the Coffee Pirates Cold Brew Coffee
Coffee Pirates – Austria
Private Production

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