25 Grams of Ethiopia Chelchele

From bean to bottle

The 25 grams of coffee in each bottle of batch #6 are super rich in flavors and once again come from the motherland of coffee - Ethiopia. Roasted by Buna, the ultimate coffee institution in Graz, the beans offer a huge variety of fruity and floral tastes whilst keeping the cold brew super smooth and so easy to fall in love with!

Farmers and Coffee Beans

Farmers family in Kochere
Farmers family in Kochere Photo: Café Imports

The coffee comes from the washing station in Chelchele, where local smallholder farmers bring their beans for processing. Chelchele lies in the Kochere district in the region Yirgacheffe. The variety is Ethiopian heirloom and the coffee grows at above 1800 meter above sea level. Harvesting takes place between November and January. The beans get picked by hand. In the cup you will find a sweet and clean coffee with winey acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. Fruity and floras notes were accompanied by very subtle tones of chocolate and caramel.

Natural Processing

The tastes of your 25 GRAMS batch #6 have a lot to do with the natural processing of the beans. The natural or dry processing basically means that you dry the beans without depulping and washing them before. This leaves the full coffee cherry for up to 30-45 days lying in the sun and drying before the coffee is mechanically depulped to get rid of the fruit flesh. During this period fermentation occurs inside the fruit mucilage surrounding the seed and under the pulp. For the farmers this process means more work because they carefully have to watch and turn the coffee to prevent it from getting mold. At the same time it is better for the environment because you do not need tons of water. If you taste our natural processed coffee you are rewarded with a more complex flavor profile compared to a washed coffee: a smooth mouthfeel highlighted by dark berries and floral notes accompanied by hints of chocolate that remains on your palate for years! No just kidding but it stays there for quite some time :-)


Café Imports is sourcing high quality coffee from around the world. Their European subsidiary is based in Berlin. They put huge emphasis on quality control and run several state of the art sensory laboratories. Visit their site for more information: www.cafeimports.com


25 GRAMS is very proud to present BUNA (www.buna.at) as a roaster already for the second time. After our last cooperation (batch #3, Kenia) was such a success we had to do it again. This time with “buna” (Ethiopian word for coffee) from Ethiopia! In her lovely coffee shop on Schmiedgasse in Graz Susanne Feier and her team of award winning baristas offer the full 3rd wave package! They show you how to pour the prettiest of latte arts, how to perfect your filter brew or step up your espresso game! Next to their coffee-school they also roast all of their coffee on their own and supply lots of bars and restaurants with it. Want to know more? Go and visit their shop in Schmiedgasse, Graz - relax and listen to some vinyl whilst enjoying a delicious cup of joe …ehm… Cold Brew of course ;-)

BUNA's shop
BUNA's shop (Schmiedgasse 11, Graz) Photo: BUNA

The Ethiopia Chelchele was roasted specifically for the 25 GRAMS Cold Brew extraction method. The light to medium roast profile brings out the fruity characteristics and makes batch #6 very smooth and a pleasure to drink.

Reusing the coffee grounds

Oyster Mushrooms pulled from the used coffee grounds
Oyster Mushrooms pulled from the used coffee grounds Photo: Pilzkiste

Most of the time the used coffee grounds end up in the trash, which to be honest is a shame. That's why 25 GRAMS partnered up with fellow local startup Pilzkiste (www.pilzkiste.at) . Nina, Mercedes and Jasmin from Pilzkiste wanted to end the waste of coffee grounds. So they put up a urban mushroom farm where they grow oyster mushrooms straight out of the coffee grounds. Sounds good? Well yes and they also taste good!