25 Grams of Buna's Kenya

From bean to bottle

Each batch we make we use different coffee beans – that means that every batch is unique and has its distinct flavor profile. This time it´s an all-out Graz-affair. 25 GRAMS joins forces with undoubtedly the best specialty coffee shop and roaster in Graz - BUNA. Together we bring you an extraordinarily balanced cup of cold brew. The beans come from Kenya and highlight a mild acidity so typical for the region and notes of black berries like black current.

Farmers and Coffee Beans

The beans in batch #3 come from Kenya – a country well renowned for its world class coffee. The region Nyeri lies west of Mount Kenya and offers very rich red soil. The coffee varieties in batch #3 are SL 28, SL 25 and Ruiru 11. The plants are grown only by smallholder coffee farmers at approx. 1.600-2.000m above seelevel. That’s were our “Kenya AA Plus Kijani Kiboko” comes from.

Coffee beans in Kenya are graded using a ranking that mainly considers bean size. AA – is a top ranking (large beans size) and those coffees tend to fetch the highest prices. The add “Plus” refers to the cup profile which is extremely fine and complex. So now you know why you just can´t stop smiling while drinking your 25 GRAMS-BUNA edition bottle ;)

Processing, Importing

The Kenya AA Plus Kijani beans are processed wet. That means that the beans are washed and then mechanically depulped. Then they were put in water, get washed and then dried.

Importing is organized by List & Beisler (www.list-beisler.de). They are a specialty coffee trader located in Hamburg. Since over 100 years they trade coffee and for their team that currently consists of 9 professionals sustainability in the supply chain is very important.


Representing BUNA (www.buna.at). Buna is not just the ethiopian word for coffee but also the best specialty coffee shop in Graz. Susanne Feier and her team of award winning baristas offer the full 3rd wave package! They show you how to pour the prettiest of latte arts, how to perfect your filter brew or step up your espresso game! Next to their coffee-school they also roast all of their coffee on their own and supply lots of bars and restaurants with it. If this is too much of a coffee nerd out for you, stop by at their shop in Schmiedgasse, Graz - relax and listen to some vinyl whilst enjoying a delicious cup of joe.

BUNA's shop (Schmiedgasse 11, Graz)
BUNA's shop (Schmiedgasse 11, Graz)

Buna is no stranger to danger when it comes to cold brew coffee and in cooperation with 25 GRAMS we created something really special. The Kijani Kiboko AA Plus from Kenia was roasted specifically for the 25 GRAMS Cold Brew extraction method. The light to medium roast profile creates a mild acidity and makes the batch #3 so easy to drink.

The result is a remarkably well balanced cup with no bitterness and only subtle acidity that reminds you of dark berries like black currant. The mouthfeel is very smooth, juicy and super easy to drink. We at 25 GRAMS are proud of this cooperation not just because of the outstanding product we created but also because of the regional aspect. And the cool thing is that this doesn't stop here! Another local start up from Graz is also involved, read on!

Reusing the coffee grounds

Oyster Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms

Most of the time the used coffee grounds end up in the trash, which to be honest is a shame. That´s why 25 GRAMS partnered up with fellow local startup Pilzkiste. Nina, Mercedes and Jasmin from Pilzkiste wanted to end the waste of coffee grounds. So they put up a mushroom farm where they grow oyster mushrooms straight out of the coffee grounds. Sounds good? Well yes and they also taste good! Go and check it out! www.pilzkiste.at